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The T's - Tiriwen & Teluil Empty The T's - Tiriwen & Teluil

Post  Tiriwen on Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:13 am

Just about time to post something here!

Well, as some of you already know, our characters are Tiriwen and Teluil, a hunter and a champion from Mirkwood. If you were wondering why are we always online together, its because just like in the game, we are a couple in real life, too (: RP-wise I cant really tell much about us, since I'm more used to the Forgotten Realm's world than Tolkien's... so, lets just say that Im still learning how to roleplay in this world. Our vocations are armourer (Tiriwen) and armsman (Teluil) and we are always glad to help with crafting. Though we are not GM crafters yet, if anyone needs some armour/weapon to be crafted, dont be shy to ask. We will try to make the best that we can (:

We feel very good about being in the kin, we always get a lot of help from the members (many thanks for that) and hope that we'll be able to return the favours (:

Now I need to go back in the game before Teluil steals all the ore from me -.-



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