Pipeleaf thats Bob Pipleaf to be precise

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Pipeleaf thats Bob Pipleaf to be precise

Post  Bob Pipeleaf on Fri May 30, 2008 2:08 am

Hail fellow travelers, adventurers and hungry Hobbit's.

My history is not one of note contains no more really than born in the Bree lands, where generations of us have lived peaceful lives. My youthful days like those of my other family members are spent in the Hobbit owned farms around Bree hired as farm hands. We have over the years, wrestled you might say many of the Hobbit secrets in such matters as growing leaf. My father, has been described by many local Hobbit's as "At an acceptable level but with room for improvement in the knowledge of growing leaf". This is likely as high praise as one will ever get from a Hobbit on matters they consider very much there own.

My name is Barry live in Hertfordshire England, at a respectable age Smile work in the computer industry which i have done for most of my working life. Have a fair few hobbies that include motorbikes, astronomy and computer games such as lotro and eve occasionally

Bob Pipeleaf

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hmmmm, a hobbit, hmmmm, hungry hmmmm, oh noh Wellcome

Post  Markiel on Fri May 30, 2008 2:31 pm

oh noh, You are very wellcome to our kinship. Elves like me are proud people, but our time is gone. It is humans and hobbits time. see You soon.

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