Areruthlion Andarin reporting for duty!

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Areruthlion Andarin reporting for duty! Empty Areruthlion Andarin reporting for duty!

Post  Areruthalion on Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:54 pm

Hello, Below is a list of me and my characters basic attributes and a link to a little story. The link is to a very poor website that I was building for my own kin but that didn't work and got fed up of trying but look at the story link and read please

Name: Dan / Ayer
Race: Man / Elf
Class: Middle / Hunter
Vocation: Allsorts / Explorer
Level: n/a / 50
Sex: male / male
crafting prof: GMforester, Mastered tier III Tailor, completed tier V tailor, ignored prospector thus far...
House: somewhere in falathlorn homesteads (cant remember), large house though.
Looking for: rift items
Currently enjoying: PvMP, particularly leading raids.
Rank: nearly 4.
Origin: Nargothrond/Mirkwood


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