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Post  Enanlorn on Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:43 am

Enanlorn was the second born into Mirima family in the second age year of 3053
in Lindon. In Lindon he was raised and taught in ways of lore-maste. In his time
in Lindon, he learnt much wisdom and ways of the lore-master. As years pass by
to Battle of Dagorlad the father of two brothers perished, when the siege of
Barad-dr began. Mother of the two stayed in Rivendell teaching the ways of
minstel to Feiniel as Enanlorn learnt the ways of lore-master in Lindon. In year
of 1974 of the third-age, mother of Feiniel and Enanlorn lost her life in battle
against the Witch-King of Angmar. From that day Enanlorn devoted his life for
the life of a lore-master. Finally founding his place in Flame of the West.

As for the real life person behind Enanlorn, I am a student, currently studying English philology as major and pedagocics as secondary, in university. My interests lay in reading and studying new languages and of course, LOTRO for the moment. I'm also a keen friend of music, even though I can't really play any instruments that well. At least for now I live in city of Turku, Finland and hopefully someday will be living abroad. As for age and other such trivial matters, I am 25 years and a male. I hope to spend much time in Flame of the West and enjoy it, so far it has been extremely enjoayble playing with these fine men and women.


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