Flame of the West - where and how our future lies?

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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Flame of the West - where and how our future lies?

Post  Leodwulf on Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:13 pm

Okay, I decided to put few of my thoughts down about our kinship and especially regarding its future. What I want is discussion, whether or not it follows my own thoughts. I want to remind you at this point that this is not critique to any way or pointing fingers in any direction. I know that kinship is formed from its members and it is up to them how good it feels how it looks like. And I didn’t invent any of these things as some clever people have done it much earlier.

First the objective I see for this kinship:

In my opinion kinship is all about having fun. That fun comes from different things which are related to the people and what they do together in the kinship and in order to have more fun it would be important to think ways how to improve the means of having more quality time. I reckon it can be well argued that there is no need for doing things differently as current system works well enough. I see things a bit differently in aspect what has happened during past few months.

The ways to achieve the improvement:

I see some kind of organization or even loose hierarchy good way to reinforce kin’s community and the sense that things are well thought and kinship is really trying to improve its members playing experience or the fun part. Convincing that kin gives a great value to its members isn’t easy.
In my opinion we have basics in good shape as we now have active leader and officers. Though in my opinion it could be good idea to specify more clearly what responsibilities each officer and our leaders have. For example, who manages our events, who organizes raids and instance visits or who takes responsibility of recruiting new people, etc. Examples and suggestions of different officer or member positions:

- Leader(and successor?) General management and working with especially officers. Public relations with other kins.

- Event organizer. Planning and making events happen. Perhaps once in a week or two would be good timeframe. Everything from a trip to nature or festival to wrestling. Doesn’t need to be a large meeting, but something fun. It also gives people good chance to plan what to after it together.

- Garden caretaker. Manages kinship house’s maintenance and cleans to lockers and perhaps other things related to it.

- Raid and instance leader. Organize, plan and make raids and fellowships to happen.

- Head of role playing. Well, what they do? Talk, make characters live and give good chance to have fun together. Again no need to have weekly meetings but some would be good. Also a “real role player” would be required to do this.

- Recruiter. I think it is obvious that kinship needs always new people to replace those who from various reasons leave it or become inactive. Active recruiting and broadcasting would be required. Also knowing what this kin is about is important and other things.

These positions are just examples and I don’t know how many we need at this stage but what I am trying to say is we need clear descriptions of duties for every officer and other position. This is aimed to make the organization more clear. In my opinion we should have a topic on our forum where current positions and their job descriptions are kept updated.

Other thing we need is to have a calendar where people can check what events are coming in the future. This would be meant to help create more sense of our community.

Also as we have on few occasions discussed about kinships rules and its nature, ie. what kind of community it is. I think it would be proper to write down these principles that everyone can read them. It would give a more though after impression to any new member but it would also help us to tell what we are about and do things according that strategy.

Regarding officer and other positions: Our current practice is good but I would like to see a bit more formal way, how officers and people holding other positions, would be encouraged to try something else or take a break for a change if they get bored. I mean that changing jobs should be option and people would not be forced to work as officer till the death.

Recruiting is really important aspect at this moment, because our numbers have shrunk during last month. Though people have also put effort on this area already, but I still see necessary having few recruiting officers. It is, in my opinion, also crucial to think how we broadcast ourselves. It is no point to give too good impression if it doesn’t hold, just in general. I think that before recruiting can be effective we should have some proof to convince people to join our kin, and not some else. Good forum where you can find basics about our kinship and see some activity is a good tool, in my opinion. This is the main reason why I am writing this text as I see more active and jolly good members = more better and fun kinship.

So in my opinion we should get some more material and info on our forum, fill part of our calendar with some events and make our organization clear and hopefully working. Giving “professional” picture does surely help and I personally see this kind of vision as the one I would like to pursue and live in it.
These suggestions may seem a bit too formal but I see organization a good way to lighten everyone’s burden when we get things running. After all, these few topics and texts aren’t such a big deal but I see them to add a lot to the kin. Casual discussion doesn’t take that much time either and can be fun too.

But the most important thing to realize, in my opinion, is that kinship is formed from its members and for the members. Making kin better is everyone’s responsibility as well. It is also important to discuss what we want our future to be, perhaps none of you share any parts of my vision, but that is what I want to know.

I repeat myself and say that what I want is discussion and new ideas. So bring them on! Whether you disagree or agree with some parts, what I want to hear are opinions and other suggestions.



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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Agree

Post  Daboo on Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:26 am

Hello! yes i agree with you Leo we really should start making more use of this site since people have done effort to get em for us pirat .Think the main thing about kin at this moment is that people wants to do different things.Others want to raid and others wants to keep it just casual...i personally would like to group up to raid when i hit 50 once or twice in a week but i wouldnt like it to be like it was in wow that if you dont show up you get kicked out of kin No but it would be great if we could know that if we want to raid we can make it happen that means we must have pretty active players who are willing to go on certain times...but this is going to too confusing even to me and even i am not sure what i am trying to say anymore Razz .Point is that Leo has some good points in there above Laughing

Other thing i like to bring up is considering recruiting new members...do we take just anyone who asks or do we have some requirements to join? and if we really want to start making us known we should make a recruit thread to official lotro eu forums.There is Laurelin and kinships part where we could post that we are recruiting.Would that sound any good idea? c'mon peeps throw us some thoughts regarding!
:Daboo alien


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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Hmmmmm

Post  Kudosarian on Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:20 am

Hey Leo.

You make some good points there. Yes indeed, the Kin is about having fun and making new friends. I mean lets face it, I cannot see us as being as 'Hardcore' like other Kins such as Anadune Atalante for example, but that's ok. As you say in your post, the Kin can only be what the members make it to be.

We are exploring new things in the Kin. I know that Kuriados has asked to be events organiser, however he is currently unable to play. But once he gets back we'll get something started using the Calendar.

Others have been looking at organising Role Playing events. This is something completely new to the Kin and may not appeal to everyone, but having tried a bit of RP with my alt character I have to say it's fun and should be given at least a chance by everyone.

Recruitment at the minute is priority I think. Bascially Amdor has said for all to go on a recruitment drive. If you or any one else for that matter, know of someone looking for a Kin, tell one of the Officers and they will have a chat. Daboo makes a good point about rules etc. I think this is something that will need addressing soon as it would be god to let new members know what they are getting into!! And you also make a good point about roles within the Kin.

Yes this forum should be used and used well. It gives people the opportunity to speak freely and to try and get peoples attention. It can be expended to whatever we need and develop in the way the Kin requires it to be. I would encourage everyone who reads this to go on a drive to get other members to sign up.

All ideas are appreciated. Keep them coming. I will look into the LOTRO forums for recruiting new members and discuss it with Amdor.

Till we meet online friends


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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty First Impression of Kin

Post  Markiel on Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:15 am

I am a new member of Kinship but I have about 2 years experience of other similar organisations so I want to point some thing.

Some players are kinship shoppers. They join to kinship, look what they can get from it and leave kinship to find a new target. It is similar in other games too, not only LOTRO. E.q. I helped a lot of people in WoW in my quild and then they leaved it. I started to hate it, I spent lot of time to help others, then they leaved. I don't have idea what to do with them. Maybe we can't do nothing about it. We should help beginners, but we should avoid to be cheated or abused.

When a new player join to our kinship, first thing he/she see is the kinship channel. It should be some discussion there, not quiet all day long. If there is nothing for a long time, people things that our kinship is dead. Of course when You are killing something or in instance, it is hard to write. But when we are riding or AH or similar situations, could we more experienced players discuss more in a kinship channel. I admit I am lazy to write some days, but I try to write now on.

If organisation is too complicated, it begin to be confused. And what happens if somebody can't play a while? I like more system, where higher officers have more rights and duties in kinship. I believe that long played officers like to do more voluntary than if they were pointed to do some duties. Many of us are adult players so I think we can do things ourselves without some kind of force.

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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Thanks for the answers - I would like to hear opinions from our other members too

Post  Leodwulf on Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:39 am

I’m happy to see that people took the time to read my post and bring their own opinions into the public. I appreciate and thank your contribution so far but don’t stop it here. Lets bring out more ideas and opinions, I know you have them!

Regarding few points brought up. Yes I think it would be important to have written rules and a description of our organization. People could themselves describe what they want to do and which are their aims – perhaps just for self reflection. I don’t believe either it would work if we would point out what our members should do – everyone should be able to do those things which they enjoy. But I think this is going along nicely at the moment.

Frigga brought up a good point concerning our new members, who are more than welcome, but I hope and believe that most of our new faces will find this place to be comfortable and will contribute to the kinship too.

Now forum is going on nicely and let’s keep the good work going, everyone should feel free to post threads and subjects and as well say their opinion freely. It doesn’t matter if you are new here, it is always appreciated. Well, I probably forget to say something but this is enough for this post. Cheers!


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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Re: Flame of the West - where and how our future lies?

Post  Aerhthir on Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:20 am

Is there an existing structure to the Kinship that could be published, just so us newbies know who's who and so forth. Also, I've seen a fair degree of chat about our OOC goals, but do we have any IC goals or structure that we can use as roleplaying hooks?

Don't get me wrong, I like the more laidback nature of this Kinship compared to some I considered joining, but some roleplaying can go a long way when recruiting new players!


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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty I Agree Completely

Post  Halafier on Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:51 am

I agree completley Leodwulf.... and i agree completley with Aerhthir.... Role playing hould be introduced much more.... it makes the game that much more fun to play... the reason people join middle earth isnt so they can complete the quests and become totally uber awesome, i think ull find that most people join this so they can be apart and feel like their in middle-earth. And with everything seeming like the real world, it doesnt justify why I play. Now ofcoure i want my character to be totally uber awesome but i like the role-playing.... We dont have to take this too seriously, just maybe have some structure to our Kinship and maybe rankings and jobs (like Leodwulf said). This could be very handy when recruitting new players as they like that comitment to a game but also with our laid back attitude which is welcoming to other players, they would tie in well together me reckons Very Happy

Thats all i gota say Very Happy


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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Re: Flame of the West - where and how our future lies?

Post  Amdor Helyanwe on Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:07 pm

Hey hey kinfolk Razz

I'm very glad to see that things are beginning to develop here. I've already spoken with Kudos about posting the kinship guidelines and was going to do this yesterday. In hindsight, i feel it'd be better to call an officer meeting to review what we decided when the kinship was re-launched several weeks ago.
I will post in the officer's section about this and also send out a kinship mail as i'm not sure that everyomne has yet signed up to this forum.

Amdor king

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Flame of the West - where and how our future lies? Empty Re: Flame of the West - where and how our future lies?

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