How to gain access to the forum

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How to gain access to the forum

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:28 pm

So how does one gain access to this site then? Well....

1. Register
You will find that as a visitor to this site, you are able to read most of the posts, however to gain the full experience ofthe forum, you should register by clicking on the link above. Please use your game name as your user name, as it will help identify members, and also prevent you from being kicked out.
Once you confirm your password, an email will be sent to you providing a link that you must use to complete registration.

2. Usergroup
You will find that even though you have registered and logged in, that not much has changed. You will still not be able to create or reply to post, just read them. The only way to further your access and to prevent unwanted visitors is for you to be added to a usergroup called Kin Members.
Click the Usgroups button above. Select the group you wish to join, in this case the only option is Kin Members. Once you do this you will be added to a waiting list. The Admin team will then approve your application (or deny you if they do not recognise you as a Kin Member).

3. Posting
Once the Admin team have approved your account, you will be able to post and reply to all but the locled down sections of this site.

Happy posting Flame of the West

The Admin team


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