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Fornost - Inside and Out. Empty Fornost - Inside and Out.

Post  Aerhthir on Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:18 am

I've been camping out with the Free Peoples at the edge of Fornost for some time now, and I've managed to get into a couple of fellowships to tackle some of the many, many fellowship quests that lie within the crumbling walls of that forbidding place...

....but success comes only in short bursts, and often at the expense of inexperienced fellowship members (who insist on ignoring FM tactics, or go rushing ahead with no thought for other members of the party!)

So, now I turn to my Kindred for aid.

Are there any who also await the venture into the depths of Fornost? If there are enough of us, then I would gladly arrange and lead such an expedition, and if there are not perhaps some of the great and mighty amongst us would be prepared to lead us?

Come, my fellows, for adventure beckons!


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