Questions about Raiding.

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Questions about Raiding. Empty Questions about Raiding.

Post  Aerhthir on Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:34 am

Having had a read through the other posts in this section it looks like Raiding is a *lot* of fun, and I can't wait to join in with it, but I have some questions and concerns, and would like to ask our glorious leaders and other level 50's to take some time out to explain 'Raiding' as a concept to those of us who've never done it before.

From my understanding it appears as though several fellowships (four?) can get together to perform some pretty large scale quests, but I'm not entirely sure.

Also, are these quests that you only do once like the other instances and adventures in the game, or are they something that you do over and over again to get the drops etc.?

I'm worried that by not being a high enough level to join in now, we might be missing out on these Kinship events and might never get the chance to go adventuring with some of you!

So, any chance of a newbies guide to raiding?


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Questions about Raiding. Empty Don't worry, play happy!

Post  Markiel on Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:50 am

In our kinship we have many mid-level players like me. I believe that even we don't maybe raid with these 50's then we are lvl50, we can make our own raiding groups when the time comes.

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Questions about Raiding. Empty Not a guide but few points

Post  Leodwulf on Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:01 am

Yes you are right, basically raid is formed from several fellowships and all to up 4 full fellowship. Different raid instances have different number of allowed players, for example Rift is 12 player instance and Helegorod has 24 player raid. Basically there are quests for the instances and some of them can be done only once, some can be repeated. Most of the goodies(nice item drops) come from the bosses, so instances keep well their value and they attract players in long perspect.

I don't know how things are in WoW but i have heard that people advance there from one instance to another, so joining the group in the middle way could be hard due to some not so good equipment - i can be also wrong. But here crafted gear is almost or as good as the best raid gear so there is no any such problem why not players achieving lvl 50 later on, couldn't join rest of the group. Indeed, that would be very much welcome!

But in the meantime, for example, holding a adventure into Fornost could be good fun too. Though as that place takes a lot of time, i think it might need a bit planning beforehand(which i see has already begun).


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Questions about Raiding. Empty Re: Questions about Raiding.

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