Mayhem in sarnur!!

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Mayhem in sarnur!! Empty Mayhem in sarnur!!

Post  Daboo on Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:14 am

Hello everybody! i was thinking about visiting sarnur to kill some ugly mobs (and why not some pretty ones)!! for trait(s) and money and rep items and prolly quests but i heard that there arent quests for that place so No soo i was wondering if anyone is interested to come with us (me and Eipo) .Was thinking it take place sometime next weekend maybe friday/saturday well see what fits the best cyclops post here if you are interested or let me know in game bf weekend.

Yours:Daboo alien


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Mayhem in sarnur!! Empty Re: Mayhem in sarnur!!

Post  Amdor Helyanwe on Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:03 am

Yes Daboo - that's a great idea, sorry i didn't see this post till now. I'm still very much up for it - still need to do the 'troll kicking' trait there as well. I also just happy to come along and beat up all those orcs too!!!
I'll post something to the kinship if we want to give it a go soon?

I'm sure there's loads of us that still need to go there - bring it on cheers

Amdor king

Amdor Helyanwe

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